Employee Recognition Award Nominations are Open!

As we get ready for a night out of bowling on this Tuesday we are now accepting nominations from employees for employee recognition awards for January 2023. Please nominate your fellow employees who truly have ensured that Lee Canyon is a memorable experience for guests or went the extra mile in support of another employee or project.

Nominations can be submitted through this form. All nominations should be submitted by Tuesday, February 1st, by 9:30 AM.

Team Member News Update

Team Member $6 Menus at the Brewin’ Burro & Bighorn Grill. These menus are available for members on their break. Every item costs 6 bucks! View the menu here. They are not listed at the outlets so know what you’re ordering beforehand. 

Team Member season passes & buddy passes.  Please visit the pass office, not the Team Services office to print a pass. The Pass office team will process your requests in the afternoons. We have an extremely high volume of guests needs in the mornings.

Full sets of basic rental equipment for team members on their days off or ride breaks (NOT during our busiest days).  Please check with your manager if you’re uncertain about the best times to rent equipment. If you currently have any equipment from Rentals, please return ASAP. 

Rentals boots cannot be checked out in place of work boots. If you need assistance finding affordable work boots, please visit Teams Services for assistance & resources.

Now that the resort is officially open, all team members must park in the following areas:

Below service road… angled and downhill past the mailbox.
– Lift ops
– Park
– Rec sites
– Parking
– Patrol

Below helicopter pad… Either side is fine, if you choose the mountainside/left on your way up, you must pull straight in. If you choose the cliff side/right on your way up, parking is slanted uphill.
– Food and beverage
– Ticketing
– Admin
– Retail
– Rentals
– Ski school
– Snow Kids
– Janitorial

“6 reasons why being on time for work is important”

Being on time for work is an important part of being a dependable team member. You can help ensure that you’re on time for work by setting an alarm to wake up on time, planning your route to work in advance, and taking other steps to prepare for your day ahead of time. Here are my top 6 reasons why it’s important to be on time for work:

  1. Showcasing professionalism:

Being on time for work can help you showcase professionalism, which includes behavioral standards, workplace values, and other characteristics. Arriving to work early or on time can highlight your trustworthiness and reliability as a team member. Consistently being punctual can also help show that you meet standards of professionalism, which can increase your value as a team member and help you advance your career.

  1. Reducing stress

Reducing stress is another benefit of being on time for work. Often, being late for work can cause stress, as it can make tasks and projects feel rushed. By showing up early or on time, you can give yourself enough time to complete tasks at a comfortable pace. This can also give you more time to handle unexpected issues like traffic that can interfere with getting to work. Giving yourself more time in the morning and feeling less rushed can reduce your stress.

  1. Improving work relationships and teamwork

Being early or on time for work can also help you improve your work relationships and teamwork. Arriving to work on time can show that you respect others’ time, which can improve their perception of you. Additionally, being on time for important meetings can show your colleagues that you are focused on the well-being of the entire team, which can strengthen team morale and relationships.

  1. Displaying leadership

Consistently being on time for work can also help you showcase your leadership potential. Arriving to work on time can help you set a good example for your colleagues. By being punctual, you can show that you are responsible, committed, and ambitious—all of which are traits of good leaders. Showcasing leadership characteristics can help you get raises and promotions and advance your career as a whole.

  1. Staying on schedule

Being punctual can also help you follow your own schedule by allowing you to complete all of your work during work hours. By arriving to work late, you risk missing meetings and getting behind on important tasks, which may mean working outside of normal hours. Being on time can help you work on or ahead of schedule and reserve your free time for other things. It also ensures you can go home on time, which helps you keep a healthy work-life balance.

  1. Meeting your job’s requirements

If being on time is a basic requirement of your job, it’s essential to be consistently punctual. Meeting this requirement can help you show that you respect your employer’s rules and guidelines, and it can also position you as a good and reliable team member, which can help you advance in your company and potentially earn raises or promotions down the line.

Learn more about our benefits page for team members!

Love where you work, work where you play, and Play Forever.