Lee Canyon Awesome Awards

The Awesome awards champion individuals that adventure above and beyond to enhance Lee Canyon’s cool, local craft experiences.  They are based on Lee Canyon’s Hospitality Standards and Values, and are awarded based on the criteria below.  

Every employee is eligible to receive an AWESOME award. 

Memorable Experience Award: This employee seized the opportunity to create a personal connection, and surprised guests and staff through a single, memorable moment.  

Creating Joy Award: This employee continually uses a positive attitude, and constantly creates solutions to inspire moments that create joy.   

Impact Award: Nominated by a supervisor, this employee consistently champions all aspects of our customer service standards by Being FriendlyBeing Helpful, and Being a Team Player 

Leadership Award: Nominated by a supervisor, this award is for those supervisors/managers that show exemplary leadership through the lens of our values: EnduringEntrepreneurial, Responsible, Soulful, and Teamwork