Contactless Ordering at Bighorn Grill

In case you were unaware, Lee Canyon now offers contactless ordering and virtual menus with QR Codes at the Bighorn Grill.

Completing this project was especially difficult to accomplish on the mountain, due in part to cell phone service being non-existent, among other factors. IT and Hospitality staff members worked hard and scheduled many Zoom meetings to work out the logistics, and it was through their sustained cooperation that the project was completed.

All you or a guest has to do is connect to our Guest WiFi, scan the QR code, then simply order a meal right from a phone. This limits the amount contact between servers and guests, and also provides unique opportunities for pick-up options and personalization.

As a current Lee Canyon Staff Member, you are also entitled to a discount code. Please email or talk to Caitlin if you need this code, and enjoy 50% off of your next Bighorn Grill order!