Team Lee Canyon Benefits

Referral Program

Refer someone and get $150 ‘burro bucks’!

If you refer a seasonal winter employee, and they remain on staff and in good standing for 30 days, you’ll be awarded $150 ‘burro bucks’ to spend anywhere at Lee Canyon. Your referred employee must put your name down when applying.

Employees may refer anyone to any department, but managers/supervisors can only refer employees in departments other than their own to earn bonus bucks.

Travel Time Incentive and Carpool Program

New for the 22-23 season, Lee Canyon will help you out with your commute. Every seasonal employee will be paid an additional hour per shift worked to cover travel times!*

Because fuel is expensive and parking is limited, Lee Canyon team members are strongly encouraged to carpool to and from work whenever possible.

To add incentive to this suggestion, Lee Canyon has a carpool incentive program for employees who wish to help provide reliable transportation to their fellow employees and
offset their gas costs at the same time.

For each day that an employee driver brings two or more employees (for a total of three or more in the car) to work with them, Lee Canyon will provide a $30.00 gas card to the employee driver. 5 per car will receive a $60.00 gas card!

End-of-Season Bonus

All your hard work during the season pays… Literally!

Every hour you work during the season is added up, and at the end of the season you’re paid a $1 per hour worked bonus!* You can spend your bonus however you like, but we recommend you treat yourself because you’ve earned it.


*Note: Cannot be combined with any other Bonus program. **Additional payment is taxable by the Federal Government

Skiing & Snowboarding Benefits

Grab some skis or a board and get out there!

We encourage all Lee Canyon employees, whether you tried skiing or snowboarding before, to strap in and enjoy ride breaks! This season, Lee Canyon has updated our benefits to make it even easier to bring your family and friends up.

8 post-holiday ticket and rental vouchers

Hook up your friends and family with a day of escape at Lee Canyon! At the start of the season, every employee will receive eight (8) ticket & rental vouchers, valid after Jan 3rd.

Your Lee Canyon Employee Pass = Ski and ride all season!

Your employee pass is your Lee Canyon pass! You can use your pass to ski and ride on breaks, or spend a day off having fun.

Dependent Pass / Buddy Pass

In addition to your employee pass, you may also pick up passes for your dependents. If you don’t have any dependents, we’ve made it so you won’t miss out. New this season, any employee that doesn’t have dependents will now qualify for a buddy pass!

The Buddy Pass acts like the dependent pass, is tied to your employee badge, and can only be assigned to one person (non-transferable).

Ski & Ride at our Partner Resorts

Being a part of the POWDR family has its perks! Your employee pass gets you access to ski and ride at POWDR resorts below:

Ski School Benefits

All staff members at Lee Canyon Resort are eligible for the following lesson benefits and discounts.

  •  $100 seasonal kids programs (per 4-week session) for dependents with a dependent pass

Staff Equipment Rental & Repair Benefits

All staff at Lee Canyon Resort are eligible for the following rental and repair shop benefits and discounts.

  • FREE ski or snowboard rentals for self (non-peak/employee’s supervisor/manager arranges).
  • 50% Discount on ski or snowboard rentals for dependents with a dependent pass (Non-peak only)
  • 50% Discount on all tuning and repairs (guests have priority)

Food Discounts

Team members receive a 50% discount on standard menu items in the Bighorn Grill, Brewin Burro, and Bristlecone up to $40 (discounted price) per day.

Team members may use their discount for themselves and or friends & family. Team member must be present to use the discount. There is no discount on pre-packaged e.g. candy or bottled soda.

Lee Canyon Sports Discounts

Lee Canyon Sports will offer all team members 40% off on logo-wear items (excluding sale items) and 20% off all other purchases in the shop (excluding sale items).

Other Gear & Equipment Discounts

Lee Canyon & POWDR have partnerships with brands that extend discounts to team members. Team members in good standing may also be eligible to receive special pricing on skiing and snowboarding equipment. Please speak with your supervisor regarding equipment brands and savings opportunities.