Meetings – Bighorn

Location: Bighorn                                                   Date: 2-21-2020                 Time:  11:00am    

Department Updates (5min):

  • Item 1 Customer Service/Helping other departments when needed.
  • Item 2 Carpool
  • Item 3 Weather

Safety Topics (10min):

  • Item 1 Knife Safety
  • Item 2

Administrative Items (5 min)

  • Upcoming Event Reminders
    • Lee Canyon’s Strategic Plan Presentation:
      • Feb. 22nd at 4:15PM
    • ‘Little Air and Style’ and Demo Day:
      • Feb. 29th ALL DAY
  • Uniform Updates
    • Staff t-shirt’s (if relevant to your department)
    • o    Any uniform returns must be done w/ Allison in HR. She will be able to issue you a receipt.
  • End-of-Season Bonus
    • Reminder that the end-of season bonus is coming up, so please stay motivated and focused.

Schedule for Next Meeting (2 min)

Date:                      Time:                                                                                      Location:

Next Steps – Items (Prepare) for Next Meeting (2min)

Open Forum (5min):