Meetings – Rental

Date: 12-26-2019 Time: 04:30pm

Department Updates (5min):

· Keeping the shop clean

Safety Topics (10min):

· Ladder safety

Administrative Items (5 min)

· Employee Parking

o Thanks for all of the improvement. Please make sure everyone is still parking as close as possible to the helipad and close together – gaps cost us money by less guest parking

· New employee newsletter launching this week.

o Will be emailed to all employees and will be posted on Team Lee Canyon website.

· Launching “Employee Shout-out” on Team Lee Canyon.

o Nominate your co-workers that you see doing a great job. They win swag.

· Snow Chains

o There will be days when chains are needed and NHP will enforce. You can find inexpensive ones at Walmart, AutoZone, O’Reilly’s, etc. Make sure that they are the right size for your vehicle. If you don’t know how to put them on please ask.

· Outside Alcohol/No Smoking

o It is import that we all have the same messaging to guests who have questions regarding our non-smoking policy in the base area. We are a family friendly property and we want to make sure that we are welcoming to all. We cannot allow people to bring in outside alcohol as part of our liquor license.

Schedule for Next Meeting (2 min)

Date: jan 4 Time: 04:30pm Location:Rentals

Next Steps – Items (Prepare) for Next Meeting (2min)

Open Forum (5min):